Damon braces - more than straight teeth

Damon Braces – more than straight teeth

Damon Braces are an orthodontic brace treatment that provides a great alternative to conventional metal braces.

Damon System braces are a discreet fitting appliance that use revolutionary self-ligating brackets, which apply frictionless force onto the teeth to help them move.

The result is a comfortable and swift treatment, which can be used by both teenagers and adults.

Damon Braces are one of the most discreet, fast acting and comfortable fixed brace systems available, providing excellent levels of tooth movement.

Why are Damon braces more comfortable?

Damon Braces use friction-free, self-ligating technology, which requires no metal or elastic ties. These ties are often the main cause of gum irritation because they need to be tightened regularly. With Damon Braces the brackets use a slide mechanism to hold the wires, which provides optimum tooth movement without the excessive pressure from metal and elastic ties.

Why are Damon braces faster?

The combination of self-ligating memory wire and friction-free brackets leads to treatment that is 4-6 months faster than other fixed brace systems.

Benefits of Damon braces

Shorter treatment period

More comfortable treatment

Less frequent adjustment visits

Discrete and easy to clean

Less time with braces on.

The teeth can move faster due the reduced friction between the wires and the brackets. This can reduce overall treatment time by an average of 4 – 6 months.

More comfortable treatment – easier to get used to your braces.

The wires exert very gentle forces on the teeth, meaning there is less discomfort when the braces are fitted and adjusted.

Less frequent adjustment visits – less time in the dental chair.

Damon braces do not need to be adjusted as regularly as conventional braces.

Since the brackets are much smaller than those used in conventional braces, they are less noticeable.

Cleaning is very easy with the Damon system.